Shea Nilotik' 20% Shea Butter Lotion MARRAKESH MENTHE VANILLA

Category: Body - Moisture

Country: USA

Brand: Sheaterraorganics


99.7% Natural. 20% Certified Organic A little goes a looooong way! Shea Nilotik' shea butter is combined with pure spring water for a powerful boost of hydration. Rare Ugandan shea butter eliminates scaliness and dry skin all day long. Pampered skin feels silky smooth as roughness and irritated skin is minimized. Scented with genuine Moroccan peppermint essential oil and vanilla.
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  • Made with 20% pure Ugandan shea butter. 
  • Shea butter is 100% virgin- no refining or deodorizing
  • Made with only the purest, Virginia spring water
  • Our shea butter is never boiled or fried
  • Ugandan shea butter is 100% cold pressed

Shea Nilotik' Shea Butter Lotion: In spite of all the oils and butters introduced to the beauty market each year, none are more effective than shea butter for softening and protecting skin. Most shea butter moisturizers, however, contain no more than 5% shea butter. Early shea butter research showed that in order to be effective shea butter formulas needed a minimum of 20% shea butter, and we have been using a minimum of 20% shea butter in our moisturizers ever since. 20% virgin, cold pressed and non-deodorized Ugandan shea butter goes into every bottle of our rich and creamy lotion. Shea Nilotik' Shea Butter Lotion envelopes skin with a soothing, silky cocoon. Skin is protected from dehydration and chapping all day long. 

Apply generous amount of lotion to hands, feet and body. Massage well into skin. Repeat 1-2 times daily. 


Contains only: pure Virginia mountain spring water, 20% Certified Organic Shea Nilotik' shea butter, vegetable emulsifying wax, peppermint essential oil, vanilla extract, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), buchu essential oil, sodium benzoate