Shea Niltok' Shea Butter Moisture Wash MANGO

Category: Face - Moisturise

Country: USA

Brand: Sheaterraorganics


Say good-bye to drying washes. Even natural washes can dry out skin. Made the old fashioned way, Shea Nilotik' Moisture Wash is drenching with skin conditioners. Cold pressed Ugandan shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, Cape sea kelp and vegetable glycerin soothe skin while washing the grime away
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  • Made with pure spring water- never recycled municipal water which is filled with chlorine, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Made with extra virgin oils and butter
  • Made only with cold pressed oils
  • All natural fragrance- no synthetic fragrance oils

Caress skin in a cocoon of skin loving ingredients. Only the best ingredients can produce a wash which comforts skin without drying. Most soaps contain irritating chemicals such as SLS. Tests done by the Business Journal revealed that several brands that claimed not to put SLS in their body washes, actually had the chemical in them anyhow. Shea Nilotik' Moisture Wash is made in small batches from fresh ingredients. We begin with a high concentration of organic, extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed Ugandan shea butter. We add just enough organic, cold pressed coconut oil to create soft, creamy bubbles. As part of our commitment to truly natural products, we use only mountain spring water in every batch. Anything else simply can't be natural. When the wash has finished cooling we had a generous amount of vegetable glycerin for its ability to draw moisture to the skin. We then stir in colloidal oatmeal for it skin soothing and softening properties. Cape kelp, wild harvested on the pristine Cape of South Africa, is added to calm and add moisture to the skin. Put a bottle at the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and in the shower. 

Apply small amount to hands or sponge. Add little water to lather up. Our wash is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. The key is adding a little water at a time to increase bubble. Rinse off thoroughly. Follow up with one of Shea Terra Shea Nilotik' Ultra Rich Lotions with a brimming 20% cold pressed shea butter. 

Contains only: pure mountain spring water, USDA Certified Organic extra virgin olive oil, USDA Certified Organic Ugandan shea butter, USDA Certified Organic virgin coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, coco glucoside (natural surfactant- boosts the suds in our natural wash), vegetable glycerin, cold pressed Ghana shea butter, natural mango extract, colloidal oatmeal, Cape sea kelp

Note about potassium hydroxide: This ingredient turns oil and water into soap. Potassium or sodium hydroxide is in every soap except genuine African black soap. Some manufacturers chose to leave this ingredient off their labels to fool people into buying their product. But if it is a soap, it is is in there. One can't make soap without it. It is neutralized in the product during cooking.