Snail Secretion Serum

Category: Face - Serums & oils

Country: Latvia

Brand: DNC


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Smooths out micro-scars

Tightens enlarged pores

Boots the skin’s generation of its own elastin and collagen

Evens out skin pigmentation

Fights acne and irritations

Snails, one of the oldest species of our planet, have developed unique live tissue regeneration mechanisms over the millions of years of their evolution. Using the substances secreted by snails in skincare products, we provide the means for the regeneration of damaged and scar tissues as well as complex protection from premature skin ageing.

 Supplemented with a system of natural active ingredients, the serum prevents acne and irritations, improves skin elasticity, decreases the depth of wrinkles and has a hydrating and invigorating effect as well as improves complexion and skin texture.

 Instructions for use: gently apply several drops of the serum over your skin after cleansing. Daily use during 2–3 weeks is recommended. Natural residue on the bottom of the vial may form.