Elegant Oil DNC - Hair Repair DNC, 110ml

Category: Hair - Mask & oils

Country: Latvia

Brand: DNC


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The pure energy of 14 highest quality precious oils. The natural and carefully selected composition makes up a professional-grade care product, which is 100% natural with no processed ingredients.

The Elegant Oil easily penetrates the hairs, strengthening and restoring the elasticity of every single one. Hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair roots. Provides protection from the harmful ingredients in styling and dyeing products. Restores hair shine, smoothness and pleasant suppleness.

 Instructions for use: apply the oil over your scalp and hair 20–30 minutes before washing it and wrap in a towel. Wash with your regular shampoo. Make sure you will not develop an allergic reaction before the first use. Suitable for daily use. If the amount of the oil is very small, you can try leaving it on your hair without washing to see how it feels.